10 Steps to an Enjoyable Tenancy

agent-coupleSo you’ve found your new home with us, congratulations! Our job is to make your life as easy as possible while you’re one of our valued tenants. The following steps will help you to have an enjoyable tenancy.

  1. Know your rights and responsibilities. While we don’t expect that you should know the legislation like we do, taking 1 hour to read your tenancy agreement and the renting information guide may save you time and money in the long run. Most of the information you need to know is within these two documents.
  2. Get to know who takes care of you (your property manager) and let them know how it’s best to communicate with you. We can phone, text & email.
  3. Be really thorough with your entry condition report – note down everything and take photos/videos as evidence. We’re human and might miss things, so please treat this document as though it’s worth the amount of your bond.
  4. Set up a rent direct debit for advance payments so you avoid those annoying texts, which our system automatically generates.
  5. If you can’t pay your rent for any reason, call us before we need to call you. Usually we can help.
  6. Let us know (email/text/use our maintenance form on this site) as soon as you’re aware of any maintenance and we’ll get onto it straight away for you.  With straight forward maintenance, our tradies know that we like to have the maintenance turned around within 7 days.
  7. If you’re unhappy with how we’ve dealt with any part of your tenancy, talk to us – we genuinely want to help. Just in case we’re stuck and can’t help you, you may like to call the Residential Tenancy Authority – they will be able to help you with a plan of action.  Their number is 1300 366 311. Please, no matter what happens, don’t just stop paying your rent – this can lead to negative consequences for you.
  8. It might help to know that in accordance with legislation, we need to know your thoughts about your lease renewal in advance of the lease renewal date (at least 2 1/2 months) so we might be contacting you prior to when you’re ready to think about it.  But if you keep in contact with us and let us know your thoughts, we’ll do our best – we’d love you to stay.
  9. When it’s time to say goodbye, please send us notice in writing.  In QLD, you must issue at least 14 days notice on the RTA’s Form 13 which you will find under our helpful links area.  Your lease doesn’t just finish on the last day so it’s really important to get in contact with us.
  10. Keep the lines of communication open – we genuinely want to help.

Thanks for being one of our valued tenants! More than anything, we hope you enjoy the experience.